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The show is produced at BB Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia. Initially, production was going to be in Australia, but Vancouver had more of a "Middle America landscape". The city provided a site for the Kent farm, as well as doubling for Metropolis. It also provided a cheaper shooting location, and was in the same time zone as Los Angeles. "Main street" Smallville is at a combination of two locations. Portions were shot in the town of Merritt, and the rest was shot in Cloverdale. Cloverdale is particularly proud of being a filming site for the show; at its entrance is a sign which reads "Home of Smallville."
Vancouver Technical School doubled as the exterior for Smallville High, as the film makers believed Van Tech had the "mid-American largess" they wanted. This kept in-line with Millar's idea Smallville should be the epitome of "Smalltown, USA". The interiors of Templeton Secondary School were used for Smallville High's interior. Over the course of season one, the production team repainted most of Templeton in Smallville High’s red and yellow colors, and stuck large Smallville High Crows logos everywhere. The team painted over so much of the school that the school eventually adopted them as their official school colors. The students became so accustomed to the filming crew, which had to shoot during the school semester, that when class was released the filmmakers would stand aside and the students would casually move the filming equipment aside to get to their lockers, and then venture to their next class without paying the crew much attention.
The Kent farm is a real farm located in Aldergrove. Owned by The Anderlinis, the production crew had to paint their home yellow for the show. Exterior shots of Luthor Mansion were filmed at Hatley Castle in Victoria. The interior shots were done at Shannon Mews, in Vancouver, which was also the set for the Dark Angel pilot and Along Came a Spider. Movie house Clova Cinema, in Cloverdale, is used for exterior shots of The Talon, the show's coffee house.
The show is told from Clark's point of view, so the color scheme and camera selection of the show is an illustration of Clark's interpretation of his environment. When he is safe at home the colors used to illustrate the environment are "warm and gentle", with an earth tone; the camera movement is also "very gentle". When Clark is keeping his secret, but there is no danger around, the lighting is more neutral and the camera moves around more. When there is danger the lighting becomes colder, and the camera shifts to a handheld to allow for more "extreme angles". With Metropolis, the crew attempts to instill the image of a "clean, hard-lined architecture", with blues, purples, and reflective metallics used as the dominating color of the scenery. The same concept is used for the characters. Lex is usually given a "glass, steel background", while Lionel receives a white or "clinical blue" background. Lex typically wears a lot of black, grey, and "cool tones" like purples and blues. Clark is represented by red, yellow and blue, like the traditional Superman costume. He is also represented by the colors of the "All American", red, white, and blue.


The exterior shots of Lex Luthor Mansion is Hatley Castle in Victoria,BC. The building is currently owned by the Canadian government, and serves as the famous Military University called Royal Roads University. Hatley Castle is not only substituted as Lex Mansion, but it also serve as the set to X2 (X-Men II) movie.

The Main  Streed (downtown Smallville) scenes are filmed in downtown Cloverdale, between 57th and 176th St. for more information about the city go to

The exterior of THE TALON is located at 57th and 176th Street in Cloverdale, BC. The interior (behing the coffee shop, the old theater) is filmed at the White Rock Playhouse, which is located at 1532.

Smallville High
The exterior shot (the school featured behind Chloe in the credits) and the first couple of episodes were filmed at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. It is located on 2600 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

Part of season one and seasons occurring after were filmed at Templeton Secondary School and in the studio. The school is located on 727 Templeton Drive, Vancouver, BC. Smallville usually film about 3-5 days a month at the school.

The exterior of Luthor Corp Building is filmed at SFU Surrey´s Central City building, located on 250-13450 102 Avenue, Surrey, BC and a government building on 401 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC.
The exterior of the Luthor Corp Plant is Annacis Island waste water treatment plant located on 1299 Derwent Way, Delta.

Smallville Medical Center is actually the Langley memorial Hospital, which is located on 22051 Frases Hightway, Langley, BC (ir it just off of Fraser Hightway and 122a St.)

The Daily Planet is the Marine Building located on 335 Burrard St. vancouver, BC. The marine Building completed in 1930, was once the tallest building in the British Empire. The marine Building is now one of the last art deco buildings still standing in the city.

THE KENT FAMILY FARM while the interior shot is filmed in the studio. The exterior shot is a real home located in BC.

Premiere. Downtown Smallville 1989 was filmed in Merrit, BC. Situated 271 (168 miles) kilometers NE of Vancouver in the heart of the Nicola Valley. With a population of approximately 8,000, Merritt is located at the hub of the Couihalla highway system. The Coquihalla provides Merritt with direct links to the Lower Mainland in under three hours, to Kamloops in 45 minutes, and to Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley in 75 minutes.

The bridge which Lex hits Clark is menxies Crossing, also known as the old Silver Bridge, on Harris Road in Pitt Meadows, BC.

The Downtown Smallville- Main Street is located on 57th and 176th st. in Cloverdale, BC. This is where you will find the ¨Fordman´s¨, Nils flower shop and the rest of the Smallville town. 

The track field of Vancouver Technical Secondary, was used in the scene where Chloe and Pere are seen walking toward Smallville High.

Swangard Stadium is the site of Smallville High´s football field. The stadium is located in Central Park at 3883 imperial St. Burnaby, BC.

Toward the end of the episode, where Clark and Greg were fighting, this scene was film at the British Columbia Museum of Mining in Britannia Beach at the Creekside Foundry. The BC Museum of Mining can be found on Highway 99 towards Whistler, 45 minutes from Vancouver, 32 miles.

The Antique Shop used in this episode is located in Cloverdale, BC.

The lake Sean falls into is Lake Sassamat and the beach is White Pine Beach, located on White Pine Beach Rd, BC, Canada.

The pool which Sean attacks Choe was film at Richmong Minoru Aquatic Centre. The pool is located on 7660 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC.

The apartment, which Phelan wants Clark to rob, was filmed at the Waterfall Building, located on 1540 W 2nd Av. Vancouver, BC. This is the same building used as Clark´s Metropolis Apartment in season three.

The front steps of the building used as Lex Luthor´s Castle, which you are able to see it at the end of the episodes was filmed at the Vancouver School of Theology, which is on the University of British Columbia campus. 

The Bridge where Clark catches Eric is actually Cleveland Dam. This dam was build in 1954 spans the man-made Capilano Lake, which provides 1/3rd of Vancouver´s water supply. The dam is located in North Vancouver about 5km north of the Capilano suspension bridge. 

TEMPEST.  In the scene where, Whitney takes the ride out of Smallville on the Grey Hound Bus was filmed at a corner store called Glenwood store on 24th and 208th Street in Langley, BC.

In the final scene, where you see the tornado, was filmed on Zero Avenue and 264th Street, Langley, BC.



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